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Domain Pricing Per Year
.com* $8.95
.info* $6.95
.us $5.95
.net* $8.95
.org* $8.95
.biz* $5.95
.ws $9.75
.name* $8.70
.tv $34.95
* Plus ICANN fee of 25 cents per domain name year. Certain TLD's only.

ORBITguard Advanced SPAM & Virus Filtering Gateway eliminates over 98% of SPAM and 99.999% viruses before they reach your network. All Email will be delivered to you through an advanced network of redundant ORBITguard Gateway. Your ORBITguard Advanced SPAM/Virus Gateway service can be up-and-running within 24 hours. Set-up requires only a quick phone call to a ORBITguard representative and a simple change to your DNS MX record. contact us to get started today.

 □ Eliminate Spam & Email viruses for good!
 □ Prevent Email security attacks
 □ 3 Level of Spam Filter to choose for your need.
 □ Eliminate lost & bounced Email forever!
 □ 100% Uptime Guarantee
 □ No hassle, set-up within 24 hours
 □ Sender Email Address Verification
 □ No software or hardware required
 □ No training required
 □ FREE Setup, Low, monthly fee starting form $5

ORBITguard gateway service allows you to virtually eliminate spam and virus intrusions to your network. The service provides a gateway through which all incoming Email messages are routed before reaching your network. Each message is put-to-the-test through an advanced filtering process that has been proven to detect virtually all spam and virus-infected messages. Legitimate messages race through the filter and are delivered within seconds to the user. The filters are easily customizable at the organization level providing a range of aggression level settings and the ability to permanently block or accept messages from specific senders/servers.

ORBITguard Basic Pro Pro-2 Gold
Monthly Price $5 $10 $20 $40
No. Email Per Month * 1500 3000 6000 Unlimited

* This is the number of legitimate email get delivered to your email server, and also dose NOT count any email you send. you can send unlimited amount of email.

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