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Domain Pricing Per Year
.com* $8.95
.info* $6.95
.us $5.95
.net* $8.95
.org* $8.95
.biz* $5.95
.ws $9.75
.name* $8.70
.tv $34.95
* Plus ICANN fee of 25 cents per domain name year. Certain TLD's only.

What is ORBITrbl ?

ORBITrbl is the FIRST Sri Lankan RBL service for blocking spam, ORBITrbl processes million of spam a day and is supported by hundreds of users, ORBITrbl streamlines the process of determining the origin of spam emails and blocking them.

ORBITnet offers both free and premium (ORBITguard) SPAM filtering Service. ORBITnet wide range of spam filtering services aims to eliminate spam at its source.

ORBITrbl has more then 9 RBL server located all around the world (USA, France, Netherlands, Singapore & soon in Sri Lanka),
This service provide to any one for FREE to use at there own risk
ORBITnet has the right to remove or NOT to remove a IP form its list. (ORBITrbl)
If you wish to use this service make sure you have away to white list IP.

The ORBITrbl aims to stop most spam while not blocking wanted email. This is a difficult task. It is not possible for any blocking tool to avoid blocking wanted mail entirely. Given the power of the ORBITrbl, ORBITnet encourages use of the ORBITrbl in concert with an actively maintained whitelist of wanted email senders. ORBITnet encourages ORBITrbl users to tag and divert email, rather than block it outright. Most ORBITrbl users consider the amount of unwanted email successfully filtered to make the risks and additional efforts worthwhile.

The ORBITrbl is aggressive and often errs on the side of blocking mail. When implementing the ORBITrbl, provide users with the information about how the ORBITrbl and your mail system filter their email. Ideally, they should have a choice of filtering options. Many mailservers operate with blacklists in a "tag only" mode, which is preferable in many situations.

There is no warranty associated with using this system. It is provided as is.

If you wish to use this service please contact us. If you need a more reliable and secure solution, check out the ORBITguard service.

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