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We are at ORBITnet always work hard to give every thing you need under one roof, below you can find most of the solutions that we provide but when it come to complete solutions what we can give you is endless, please contact us and talk to us, we are the NO 1 for customized solutions with low cost of total ownership.
Linux Web Hosting
Virtual Linux Web Hosting based on RedHat Enterprise Linux Servers, that support PHP, CGI, Perl, JSP, MySQL and much more....
Windows Web Hosting
Virtual Windows Web Hosting based on Microsoft Windows 2003 .NET Servers, that support ASP, ASP.NET on IIS6, PHP, CGI, Perl. and much more....
Linux Reseller Web Hosting
To start your own Web Hosting company and be 100% anonymous with our reseller hosting with Webhostmanger the reseller control panel and cPanel for customers and much more...
Virus & Spam Protection
We proved world class Virus and Spam protection with NO hardware or software need and can be setup with in few hours with low cost of owner ship
Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
We provide VPS servers based on Virtuozzo the true VPS software, both Windows and Linux VPS's. this will be same as having your own server with root access and much more with minimum cost of ownership.
We have skilled personal who can give you a customized solution for your need on WAN LAN WiFi networking form Linux based to windows based solutions to fulfill your every need.
Network Security
We have solutions form firewall to IDS, IDSP, Virus Protections and much more with customized solutions that cost less then you ever dreamed of.
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